Designing the future with good sense and all our senses. What we have not achieved so far, we will not achieve in the future either, if we are not able to question the basis of our actions. Design empowers us to do exactly that.

The foundations for Design are being developed at the interface of science and real-world challenges. This is exactly where we partner with our collaborators.

In order to continue realizing projects at this intersection, we are looking for active supporters and initiators who want to work, learn and design together with us.


Design sprints to explore future challenges in the middle of one of the most exciting economic centers in Africa. Together with the Nairobi Design Institute (NDI), we set off on a journey to frame fields of opportunities and prototypical solutions for products, innovative services or complex business ideas.
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Improve the travel experience at airports
Traveling to and from airports in Europe can be an unpleasant experience; passengers face issues in different transfer procedures, information deficit and language barriers. This results in a poor travel experience full of stress, unnecessary mistakes, effort, and expense. We believe that this should be improved.

#I4H – Inventors for Health with the Charité Foundation

“The Charité Foundation has decided to set up a new program to promote inventions in the field of medicine: the “Inventors for Health” pilot program (I4H). – Press Release of the Charité Foundation

Digital Health is what our heart is beating for. We have always been active as creative sparring partners in the context of health care organizations. With the I4H program, we took the chance to step into the driver seat and drive innovation at the intersection of design and science. We equipped 30 people with designerly behaviors to transform their ideas and make them future-ready.

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#foresighttraining – collaboration IFTF (Institute for the Future, Palo Alto)

Right in the heart of the Silicon Valley near Stanford University, the Institute for the Future (IFTF) in Palo Alto has been driving forward Future Research for over 50 years. Processes, tools and training have been developed specifically for the fields of leadership and organizational development, with a focus on envisioning possible futures and respective scenarios. Fuenfwerken is in constant dialog with the IFTF, has its own certified coaches and will bring their training to Berlin in 2021.