Our Services:

How we facilitate Brand and Business Transformation –

We turn people into Designers.

In 5 designerly Wayz we master digital transformation through tailor-made approaches to co-create the future in a meaningful way.

Finding Purpose

Purpose, meaning and relationship – how do I achieve relevance in a market of arbitrariness?

In hand-picked C-Level workshops, we rediscover together the purpose of your organization and sharpen your vision for the near and distant future. Therefor we rely on excellent competence in the following areas:

Future Thinking

Trend Scouting




Entrepreneurial Mindset

Digitalization, new work and industry 4.0 – how do we take people along in the transformation?

Transforming organizations begins with people. Redesigning rituals, behaviors and artifacts is about inviting them to develop an entrepreneurial culture of collaboration, innovation and creative confidence. We empower your team through:

Training – gaining creative confidence
Mentoring – building psychological safety
Venturing – enabling entrepreneurship

Developing Businesses and Strategy

Products, processes and services – how do we develop strong ideas for complex market environments?

In times characterized by fast-paced, uncertain, complex and ambiguous markets, defining a strategy can be very challenging. We help you to implement your business innovation process, that mandates a proof of concept.

Strategic Design

Business Design

Service Design

Produkt Design

Defining Identities

See, hear and recognize – how do we give organizations a distinctive character?

Organizations need stories that connect the past with the present and the future. The key to growth is to become the author to align goals, visions and actions. To tell those stories means to get enthusiastic about people.

Brand Strategy
Brand Consulting
Brand Story
Brand Management
Content Strategy

Creating Experiences

Emotional, informative and activating – how do we inspire people through media, spaces or experiences when they get in touch with the organization?

In a world where it’s no longer about promoting products or services, but about building the quality and authenticity of relationships, we create unique user experiences along all touch-points.

Content Creation
Integrated Campaigns
Corporate Communication
Motion Design
UX Design
UI Design
Mixed Reality (AR/VR)
Brand Spaces
Live Communication