From Oslo to Dubai - Branding Process EMEA Region


A comprehensive branding process for grill specialist Weber-Stephen in the EMEA region.


We accompanied Weber-Stephen in bringing together the previously independent European markets of North, South, Central and New Markets. In addition to the structural link under the single umbrella “Weber-Stephen EMEA”, this meant, above all, bringing life to the new brand. Fuenfwerken therefore went in search of a unifying brand understanding and the associated values ​​for a region ranging from Norway to Dubai region. Not a trivial matter, when you realize what different cultural identities exist in such a large area. Building on this, we developed a corporate design that embraces EMEA through a strong visual brace while still allowing the various countries, markets and mentalities space for local adaptation.

Weber EMEA Strategie-Workshop

Idea and Implementation

With the close involvement of the regions, the responsible persons in charge as well as the US parent company, we have been in charge of a process for the development of a united brand. An initial research and interview phase in the three headquarters in Paris, Aalborg and Ingelheim was followed by the analysis of existing market research results. On this basis, a first international brand and creative workshop was held with the leading representatives from management and marketing of all regions. In several subsequent phases of conception and feedback, the brand essence was formulated – thanks to the passion with which Weber employees “breathe” their brand, an extremely joyful and productive process. Crucially, however, was certain that the regions sat for the first time at a table and have made possible through a common experience and understanding the development of “Weber Stephen EMEA”. The result is an international brand and a new corporate design with international Brand Bible, Brand Book, a Corporate Design Manual and the Weber Sans as an extension of the font family of Weber.


Project Success

The collaboration made it possible to create a meaningful visual and brand strategic unit from a heterogeneous region and different markets. A brand with fixed values, a vision and mission, a common claim. Our work was already fully accepted after the first presentation – from the North to South regions as well as from the US Headquarters – and was immediately adopted. What do we want more?

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