Culinary pleasure as an attitude to life – Relaunch Brand Identity


Wajos knows that culinary pleasure is based on two things: good ingredients and careful processing. The manufactory has made exceptional product quality its highest goal. And that is how we have strategically orchestrated the Wajos brand – with a systematic and exquisite relaunch of the brand identity for the company and its 22 branches in Germany.


Idea and implementation

The new brand design for Wajos had to be uniform and topical, among other things in order for the new packaging to provide orientation in a gigantic product range. At the same time the various categories for differentiation have been given an individual look. We based the design of the packaging on the corporate design we had previously developed.

Pared-back design, high-quality materials, re-usable bags and sealed lids stand for a sustainable shopping experience that does the products justice. Twelve uniform labels signal the different product categories through color coding and individual copper tints.


A firework for the senses: That’s what the new Wajos stores will offer. A world of experience and an event setting in which customers can immerse themselves while at the same time quickly finding what they are looking for. We have divided the store with its extensive product range into two worlds of culinary delight: These are the “kitchen” and “bar” sections. They are the yin and the yang of Wajos. The world of the kitchen features cooking islands and light, natural materials, while the bar world is fitted out with dark leather and marble. The modular shelf and lighting systems used allow for a masterful orchestration of functional highlights.

Project success

The new look combines a well thought-out system with a pared-down design in a modern, highly visual brand full of character. The look allows for easy navigation round the immense product range Wajos offers. The in-store changes realized have paid off, too: In the first months a 40% increase in sales was recorded in Trier, and both staff members and customers have shown themselves thoroughly impressed with the new world of Wajos.

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