Business crafted by design – Brand- and Product launch


It’s pure, Baby.

The beverage brand celebrates purist beauty but also imperfection. It brings together disparate, exotic worlds and proves that these unifying combinations unleash new creative energies. These aesthetic inconsistencies are more poetic than any perfect façade. And it is precisely this attitude that lies at the heart of the company: wabi-sabi wants to inspire its customers to let go of superficialities, to show themselves as they genuinely are – be it with friends or strangers – and to feel more alive than ever. The motto: Be completely yourself, even if you march to a different tune than anyone else.

Striking out on a new path in an industry characterized by tradition and cut-throat competition is a challenge. Yet anyone can get started. It’s all about inspiring others and on-boarding companies as well as the people involved when it comes to processes of transformation, initiating new approaches and activities and inviting other to experiment and work together. Vintner Hans-Joachim Klose – who previously worked as an IT specialist – entered into a partnership with Fuenfwerken in the endeavor to use co-creation and an interactive process to tap cultural, technological and economic potential and make it productive for his work.

I carried a watermelon.

We began by asking the fundamental question: Why are there no new product ideas in the wine segment? Fortunately alcopops had no future due to their lower quality and the legal intervention by government, yet the success of wine mixed drinks such as the “Spritz” in the hospitality industry or the resurgence of craft beers clearly shows that people want an alternative to traditional wine and beer.


The beverages by wabi-sabi belong to the premium segment, since they are made with simple, purist ingredients of the highest quality employing traditional craft methods. The first two products are the wine cocktail “Wasser&Wein,” with elderflower syrup and lemon lending this a special poetic note, and the craft beer “Wasser&Hopfen,” which has a certain something due to being brewed with Riesling yeast.

Ignore Perfection.

Inspiring personalities are characterized by a clear attitude and rough edges. The same holds true for drinks. This is why we have created a beverage brand full of character and modelled on wabi-sabi, a Japanese concept in perceiving beauty: “Reduce everything to the essential, but never do without poetry.” With wabi-sabi, we are looking to create imperfect, articulated clarity – purity with a certain twist. For our drinks brand wabi-sabi this means: Beauty meets imperfection, elegance meets simplicity and Japan meets down-to-earth regionality.


This stance is also reflected in the packaging. The tart craft beer comes in a premium dark wine bottle featuring golden typography printed directly onto the glass and is served in a wine glass. The silky wine spritzer on the other hand is packaged in a glass beer bottle – and that’s the best way to drink it, too – ideally ice-cold.


The direct print of the logo is a delicate salmon pink. Yet the bottles themselves are not strictly speaking exquisite. Instead, they are mass-produced standard bottles that have been enhanced according to the principles of wabi-sabi.

Be it analog, virtual or audio-visual. We have created emotional moments and thrilling experiences for all touchpoints in order to bind people to the wabi-sabi brand in the long term.

From communication on social media to stickers about the attitude to Don Son, our pop-up bar concept that imperfectly orchestrates the drinks brand. The pop up bars don’t rob the event locations of their identity but instead dovetail with the setting in an understated way. Don Son thus presents himself discreet and unobtrusive in his role as a host.

The drinks offered and the atmosphere in the lounge area simply provide the basis for a successful event. This is because true allure and vibrancy only come with the people who, stimulated by the imperfect atmosphere, can shed all superficiality and interact with each other without ceremony.

I am looking forward to your questions.

Please contact Cathérine Spohr Selinka in Berlin with regard to this project.

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