From Word to Value: Internal Campaign

Union Investment

For Union Investment, we have designed and implemented an internal brand campaign that strategically implements the one-word value “forward-looking” in the company and sustainably strengthens brand awareness and brand identification.


With around four million customers, Union Investment is one of Germany’s leading investment management companies. In 2015, the company condensed its mission statement into one-word strategic value “forward-looking”. Our task was to support the change process as part of employer branding in a communicative manner, to carry the new one-word value into the company and to enshrine it as a relevant and lively value for employees and executives.

The key visual reflects the variety of perspectives with which we encounter the term “anticipatory”.

Idea and Implementation

From the beginning it was clear: We want to convey the message of “forward-looking” about relevant content and at the same time set a visual anchor with the key visual, which gives “a forward-looking” a strong presence. In terms of content, we have edited numerous facets of the term “forward-looking” editorially. The central format was multimedia-based interviews (film, photography and text) with experts and employees, which were published on the intranet and flanked by editorial texts from related topics. The keyvisual of the campaign reflects the polyperspectival view of the one-word value. Bottom-up measures, interventions in space and activating actions such as a “step challenge” complemented the campaign.

Project Success

Since 2015, we have been successfully supporting the team at Union Investment in the strategic, creative and content-related leadership of the campaign around the one-word value “forward-looking”. The result is not only a collaborative partnership, but also an atypical but all the more effective campaign that draws its power from a unique mix of high-quality formats, content, and eye-catching visual interventions. Thus, “forward-looking” has meanwhile developed from the catchword to a lived value within the company.

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