Brand and information design for Munich

Stadtwerke München GmbH

With pride we can say: one of our most sustainable jobs with 15 years running time.


The opening of the EU market opened up a new challenge for regional and local transport companies from 2002 onwards. Now it was time to become visible. For the Munich, there was until now only the MVV, an alliance of all transport providers combined – even possible competitors of MVG. At that time, Munich municipal utilities commissioned Fuenfwerken to accompany the development of MVG’s brand appearance.

Idea and Implementation

We have designed a modular corporate design consisting of a figurative mark and our own font and information design. The Vialog as the pictograms for all product brands – U- and S-Bahn, tram, bus, etc. – are still today the central design element of the public transport. The management of the design elements in the then specially set up online brand management system still allows the design to be further developed, even with changes in content, without major style breaks. A timeless and modern system that helps the MVG to easily update passenger information such as brand.

In a city like Munich, non-residents must find their way and their means of transport. Therefore, many design details were based on supraregional standards.

Project Success

15 years ago, MVG’s development was our first business design project, the first with this great scope of services and the first in mobility. Since we are also allowed to set up the Fahrinfo app and in future the Mobile Services “Passenger Information 2.0” together with MVG in 2013 – and the Nachteule in Munich is still winking – this project is a special proof for us of a sustainable, trusting way of working.