Royal Redesign: An all new PRINZ VON HESSEN

Hessische Hausstiftung / Prinz von Hessen

Noblesse oblige – but standing still is not an option. This is why we created a strong 21st century brand for Prinz von Hessen, a winery steeped in tradition.


The PRINZ VON HESSEN winery in Johannisberg, Rheingau, is among the most prominent Riesling producers in Germany. We were asked to create a brand new corporate design for this award-winning estate, including a line of labels that would be targeted at sophisticated wine connoisseurs while at the same time promoting further international growth. This task sought to combine 800 years of history with producing modern wines at the highest level.

Hessische Hausstiftung / Prinz von Hessen
Hessische Hausstiftung / Prinz von Hessen

Idea and Implementation

The winery’s historic coat of arms served as the basis for creating the CD and was transformed into an elaborate contemporary design. The result – a logotype as well as a line of labels that presents itself in royal, yet modern opulence – was something unheard of within the wine trade. What is more, each bottle is now crowned by a special cap with a progressive design. From a manufacturing point of view, even the elaborate labels suggest “premium class.” Hence, both the CD’s esthetics and overall feel confidently and decidedly veer away from the trend towards overly reduced designs.

Project Success

The new corporate design combines historic heraldry with modern design elements in a strong visual brand for the 21st century. The courage we showed has paid off in terms of through-the-roof sales and tremendous media interest following the redesign.

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