Stadion Lounge for the Commerzbank-Arena Frankfurt


The Nike brand is now part of a dedicated, exclusive VIP lounge at Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt.

NIKE Stadion-Loge


Nike is one the top brands of the world (ranked 22nd). With its brand promise “innovation and inspiration for athletes”, it is also outfitter of soccer club Eintracht Frankfurt. The home of one of the veteran German Bundesliga clubs, the “Waldstadion”, is today known as Commerzbank-Arena. Together with interior design firm W40 interiors we conceived a brand experience within one of the VIP lounges at the stadium, showcasing both brands together. On the one hand it was important to understand what the club and its fans held dear, while on the other hand presenting Nike as an equal partner and authentic part of the overall “Eintracht” brand.


Idea and implementation

The VIP lounge’s new design was based on the history of both brands, with a wall chart timeline starting in 1899, Eintracht Frankfurt’s founding year, continuing further to 1971, when Nike emerged as an independent brand, to the success that both brands shared in the recent past.

We created a place of calm – before and after the game. Simple, sporty, refined, and self-assured.

NIKE Stadion-Loge
NIKE Stadion-Loge

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