Much More Than Simply a TV Spot


For BBQ brand Weber, we translated “Much more than …” and “Come on over” for TV.


Weber-Stephen – Making-of TV-Spot 2015, feat. Thomas Müller

TV-Spot 2015 feat. Thomas Müller – Making-of

The TV spot is considered the toughest discipline in any advertising campaign. Whether with or without testimonial, the challenge lies in substantiating the campaign slogan with real punch. To succeed, we think, one needs to have everyone work together closely—from initial concept to actual implementation.

Idea and Implementation
For the “Much more than …” campaign, 5W produced a TV spot highlighting the core paradigm shift within the brand. Just like the overall message of the ad, the visual language focuses on essential aspects, i.e., macro shots of meat, ambers, and cooking grate. We used a special high-speed camera and digital motion control, something that made even Thomas Müller into “much more than simply a soccer player.”

For our campaign “Come on over,” we produced a 10-second follow-up to the TV ad with Thomas Müller. Finding unknown extras was, fortunately, not necessary as we simply joined Thomas Müller, his brother and other friends for an authentic BBQ session. This shows in the final spot. And what is more: We consider it both a big compliment and proof of a trusting, fruitful cooperation between Weber, Thomas Müller and 5W.

Project Success
Thanks to their quality and reach, the TV ads had considerable impact on increasing Weber’s brand-awareness from 22 % in 2010 to 62 %  today. The “Much more …” spot still serves as a prime example for staging food-related content.

TV-Spot Konzeption

TV-Spot Konzeption

Von der Konzeption am Reißbrett … 

TV-Spot Konzeption

TV-Spot Konzeption

… über die Suche eines geeigneten Drehortes …

TV-Spot Konzeption

TV-Spot Konzeption

… bis hin zu ersten Skizzen und dem finalen Storyboard: Hinter dem Spot steckt reichlich Planungs- und Konzeptionsarbeit. 

Thomas Müller Making of

Thomas Müller Making of

Für den TV-Spot 2015 konnten wir auf ein Casting von Statisten verzichten. Wir haben ganz authentisch mit Thomas Müller, seinem Bruder und seinen Freunden gegrillt.

Weber-Stephen – TV-Spot 2015, feat. Thomas Müller, 02

TV-Spot 2015 feat. Thomas Müller – 02​

Weber-Stephen – TV-Spot 2015, feat. Thomas Müller, 03

Online-Spot 2015 feat. Thomas Müller 

Weber-Stephen – TV-Spot "Viel mehr …", 2013/14

TV-Spot 2013 "Viel mehr ..."

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