Much More Than Simply A BBQ Brand


A piece of steak is more than just a piece of meat. Johann Lafer is more than just a star chef, and we have received more than just one award. We are pleased to have positioned Weber as a BBQ brand with cult status, and we are looking forward to partnering with them on their way ahead.

Following the initial successful phase of acting as lead agency for Weber in Central Europe, it was time to build upon the strategic branding and strengthen the chosen path in order to improve both brand awareness and sales within the market. We had started out by moving Weber out of its niche position into a mass market for quality products; now, we faced the challenge of consolidating Weber’s position as trendsetter and leader within the European BBQ market. 

Idea and Implementation
Following the intensive development of a brand strategy, the campaign “Much more than simply …,” was a point of departure for the paradigm shift of the brand – that took much courage, embers and slabs of raw meat. And more! The campaign highlighted Weber Grill’s intent to “go back to basics”: A good piece of steak, the right temperature, and one grill. We found the corresponding visualization for this repositioning and opted for a reduced design, bold imagery and an authentic attitude towards good food, a sense of quality and responsibility and enjoyment.

The graphic implementation is now dominated by black space supported by a new aesthetic employing desaturated colors. Expressive images are combined with illustrations using the specially designed chalk-type face. We stage real people, some of them right in the street and in the raw holding in their hands whole pieces of unprepared fish or complete prime ribs. Scenes surrounding the grill are unstaged; food is prepared using hands – and that goes for eating it, too! Even star chef Johann Lafer, who is sharing excellent grill recipes in his testimonial, appears in a casual outfit. All this matches the new language that is being used: Clear, easy-going, and tongue-in-cheek. Weber now sounds much like a 4-cm steak with even marbling.

Project Success
The outcome for Weber Grill? Dazzling. In retail and home improvement stores, the grill is now number 1. The brand recognition has jumped from 22% in 2010 to 62% today. And for us? We, too, profit from the slogan “Much more than …” and are pleased with a whooping 14 awards that we have garnered for our work.

  • iF Design Award Communication Design
  • BCP Best Corporate Publishing
  • DDC Ausgezeichnete Gestaltung Deutscher Designer Club
  • Jahr der Werbung Megaphone Silber
  • Reddot Design Award
  • Store of the Year Nominee
  • German Design Award Silver

Weber-Stephen – Special Feature "Viel mehr ... "-Campaign

The new brand in a brief overview.



Successful brand strategies don`t just fall into one`s lap. It took many workshops and analyses to work out the basics.



A new website as well as online campaigns set Weber`s BBQ fans on fire, and all those “ready to grill.”



The specially designed chalk type face on black background works well with the new visual language.


Weber Kampagne Viel mehr

The image campaign “Much more …” raises brand awareness among consumers via print, web, and TV campaigns—backed by Thomas Müller during the world cup.


Weber Stephen Deutschland GmbH

The product catalog transforms into an attractive lifestyle magazine for BBQ and food.



For a new brand, even Johann Lafer tries a new look.

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