How to shape the future with a strong vision

Lucky Bike

The practice of selling “quality bikes at great prices” and the range of products, not to mention e-bike expertise, have enabled Lucky Bike to emerge as one of Germany’s biggest bicycle dealers. With a view to continuing the success story we teamed up to work out how to advance the company, the brand, and the range.

“Working with our project partners, we drive creative, analytical thinking. This way, in an iterative process strategic potential can be identified which in a multidisciplinary team comprising project partners and ourselves we quickly advance, test, and refine for implementation.”

Jeremias Schmitt, Head of Transformation Fuenfwerken

Enable things instead of regulating them

As well as redesigning the brand we also developed various tools: In future, the company’s own icon and illustration system will enhance its corporate design in detail. The website and webstore were revised taking UX aspects into consideration, and then restructured. Corporate tonality and a comprehensive social media concept will give the corporate communication a robust basis and leeway with regard to the future.

Lucky Look

Dynamically staggered color fields that are easy to insert but at the same time strong in character define the brand identity.

“Lucky Bike demonstrates what you can achieve with an open mindset and co-creation. Because only when we actually search for it, do we discover what we can actually achieve.”

Rolf Mehnert, CMO Funefwerken Design AG

Lucky Store,
Lucky World,
Lucky Future.

The lightness that the term ‘lucky’ conveys is tangible at every touchpoint and only four months after the start of the project can be experienced in full in the new store concept. ‘Lucky’ has morphed from a rather superficial part of the name into the attitude underlying everything.

„A small step for mankind – a giant step for Lucky Bike. At a three-day workshop with the Fuenfwerken team we together explored and visualized our corporate potential, formulated a strategy, and got things rolling by testing initial ideas in practice.“

Christian Morgenroth, CEO Lucky Bike

The sales staff became the “Lucky Guides”…

Initiatives such as the “Lucky World” label were instigated with a view not only to demonstrating a clear attitude, but also to bringing it to life in the business model and services.

Strongly positioned for the future

Together with Lucky Bike – from a position of strength – we developed attitude, mindset, and identity for the future. From now on the company can continue down the path to growth on the back of a clear positioning and in a way that sets it apart from the competition. The result of this process enables the company to explore and establish new, trailblazing business opportunities and services.

One of the most important requirements of the entire process was also successfully implemented: with the requisite new tools and manuals, Lucky Bike will in the future be in a position to handle communication tasks itself – Fuenfwerken will continue to act as consultant and be involved in co-creation.

I am looking forward to your questions.

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