Lead Agency for the Business Unit “Rasen”

John Deere GmbH & Co.KG

We started small, literally, with the smallest John Deere lawn mower. Now, we oversee the strategic brand development for the business unit “Turf & Homeowners.”


In 1837, blacksmith and inventor John Deere was set to revolutionize agricultural machinery. Today, the company with its long tradition is one of the world-leading brands for both agricultural and forestry machinery as well as equipment for private landscaping and grounds care. The success story of John Deere is proof of the high quality of the products, and thus, there is very little for us to do in this respect. Instead, we are asking ourselves: What can be our contribution to the long-term economic success of this long-established company? In our view this would be: Acting as an analyst of new and changing client needs, as consultant for a better, matching strategy and as designer of corresponding communication.

Idea, Implementation and Project Success
The international product launch of fully automatic lawn mower Tango E5 was the first of many measures developed by 5W on behalf of John Deere. This “smart tool – smart solution” campaign, targeted at the Central European market, was implemented in 18 languages and across various media. We had done our homework, which set us apart from other competitors during agency screening. Since then, we have been operating as the lead agency for business units Public and Private Lawn Care, providing John Deere with one unifying visual language that is appropriate for the company. We stringently consolidated individual media and have altered the highly technical imagery into an experience-focused imagery – something that is understandable to anyone who has sat on an X754 with Four-wheel drive.

The brand John Deere has grown thanks to its agricultural and forestry products. Therefore, we are looking forward to be working and growing as the lead agency for strategic brand of its Turf & Homeowners business unit.

I am looking forward to your questions.

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