Grow together.

JOB AG Personaldienstleistungen GmbH

Bringing a new life to a well established brand like JOB AG is an enormous challenge. By careful approach, we have managed to create a new identity without losing the high recognition value.


With more than 6,000 employees at 68 locations, JOB AG is one of the leading German personnel service providers. In order to meet the requirements of the labor market in a timely manner and to drive forward its own growth, the company has repositioned itself on the market. We were commissioned to express the brand strategy with a brand new corporate design including picture language.

„The focus is on approachable people who are portrayed in an authentic world of work.“

Idea and Implementation

Starting with the logo, we modernized the umbrella brand and developed design principles based on it. The individual performance brands were also given their own identity without losing their seamless connection to the umbrella brand. The result is a homogeneous yet differentiated brand family. The specially designed imagery clearly communicates the core competencies of JOB AG: it brings together what belongs together.