Whatever you want to move. The ISUZU D-MAX


As the lead agency of ISUZU we have strategically repositioned the D-MAX model and injected the robust pick-up with a great deal of character.

This new self-image is sustained by the communicative guiding theme in the communications. “For anything you want to move.” This claim is supported by testimonials, for example by huntsman Marko Krüger. The enthusiastic ISUZU driver and brand ambassador tells authentic stories from his eventful day-to-day life with the D-MAX. The campaign was conceived for long-term use – the mechanics and visuals will also accompany future rollouts.

The ISUZU website provides extensive information on the D-MAX, the N series, 
and of course the ISUZU brand itself.

One year later, on the occasion of the new 
D-MAX model, Fuenfwerken devised a 
digital campaign focused on real stories, scratches and dents.

The path to the digital campaign

The desire to do what is effective, not what lies at hand, formed the driving force for us for this project. Instead of simply delivering another meaningless car campaign in the customary polished aesthetic we wanted to tell the story of the basic attitude and values that constitute the D-MAX.

Show us your old D-MAX

What better way to prove how robust, long-lived and reliable a D-Max is than by simply showing a vehicle from the series that had already been in use for a number of years? That’s why for our campaign for the new D-MAX we went on a search for “old” cars that have already been in action for a lengthy period of time – we tracked down real stories, real bumps and scratches.

From casting to shooting

We enabled D-MAX drivers to share their very own stories, pictures and texts with us via social media and a linked micro site. After a month we elected the D-MAX with the most interesting story – and drove the winning car straight to the campaign shoot. We developed all of the key visuals – for both the photographic and the film image – from the conceptualization to the production to the technical and dramatic optimization of social media channels such as Facebook.

The campaign received a great deal of positive feedback and makes the hearts of dealers and the D-MAX community leap for joy: The many authentic stories led to numerous positive discussions on the new vehicle on social media channels and dyed-in-the-wool D-MAX forums.


“Reads well, but is an even better drive”

The D-MAX Magazine brings together editorial content and a catalogue section.

The Layar app means you can virtually extend the magazine content. This requires scanning pages in the magazine that feature a tag. Animated versions of the content are then shown on the device’s display.

Project success

First the hard facts: After the campaign was launched, test drives rocketed an astonishing 40 %. As ISUZU’s brand new lead agency we were of course especially pleased with this outcome – as well as with the consistently positive feedback from the dealers on the new guidance material, and the remarkably resounding identification with the new visual feel on behalf of the entire company. A more than successful start, based on a decidedly trusting collaboration with the client founded on partnership.

I am looking forward to your questions.

Please contact Johannes Cordes in Berlin with regard to this project.

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