A Systematic Approach to Identity

Hertie Stiftung

We have come up with a lean corporate design for the non-profit Hertie Foundation, one that provides this multilayered organization with an identity that is strong yet versatile.

A Simple System for a Complex Organization

In the course of more than 25 projects and initiatives, non-profit Hertie Foundation provides the public with new ideas on its two landmark themes “Exploring the Brain” and “Strengthening Democracy”. Our brief was to depict and unify its complex organizational structure in a corporate design, without allowing the individuality of the various programs and projects to suffer.

Making it Memorable through Distinctive Elements

The new corporate design was to be more modern and dynamic. The sloping style that characterizes the Foundation’s overall image stands for the future-oriented developments in society and the world of science.

The red text block, the corporate font “Hertie Medien”, honed to perfection by us, and the striking trademark are the elements that confer identity and create a unifying framework.

A Sense of Belonging and Individuality

We have raised the corporate image to a fitting level for the organization. Subsequent to this, many programs and projects were provided with individual trademarks and striking key visuals. Thanks to the well-thought-out corporate design system these are nevertheless clearly part of the non-profit Hertie Foundation.

I am looking forward to your questions.

Please contact Carola Bieser in Wiesbaden with regard to this project.

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