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There’s indoors, there’s outdoors, and in between there’s Finstral. This family-owned operation in South Tyrol has been supplying windows to all of Europe since the company was founded 50 years ago. And Finstral has been in a state of constant development from the very beginning – forever looking for that perfect interplay of function and aesthetics and always prioritizing customer benefit. That‘s half a century of success. Which means it’s the perfect time to think about the future. What’s our role in this? To create even more momentum moving forward.


Finstral embodies a deep spirit of innovation and stands for quality without compromise. These values apply equally to the company’s products as to the way it does business. In fact, Finstral even developed its own unique method of providing consulting services that gives customers excellent professional support all the way from the initial idea to the final installation.

Our task is to effectively convey Finstral’s unique consulting method and window-buying experience and thereby establish the on-site visit to the Finstral window studio as the new standard for customers looking to purchase windows.

The result of our efforts is the Finstral Studio Day, a European-wide campaign that makes it possible for consumers to experience the unique Finstral consulting method. The campaign also takes the brand concept to the next level in a consistent and tangible manner, thereby increasing the brand’s status and range. We worked in close cooperation with the client on the development of this solution.

The Finstral project is divided into three chapters:

→ Process
→ Crisis
→ On the street



Finstral was looking for a lead agency known for its comprehensive approach and a team that could be a true creative companion for their projects. It quickly became clear that we were a perfect fit. Indeed, we see ourselves as partners to our clients, always adopting a holistic attitude towards challenges and maintaining our focus on the people involved.
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In the beginning, there was empathy

How does a customer go about purchasing windows? And why does Finstral handle everything themselves – from the R&D to production to assembly? The first thing we did was some simple desktop research, which gave us a good foundation. But in order to truly understand what the company was about at its core, we knew we were going to have to experience it up close and personal. We visited a Finstral factory in South Tyrol and got to know the manufacturing process. After that, we took advantage of the consulting services at the Finstral Studio and carried out interviews with dealers and customers. In doings so, we came to understand what differentiates Finstral from other window manufacturers.

Drawing on our extensive research, we set up a number of workshops and design sprints where we discussed and developed some initial approaches. In this phase of our work, we think in all directions. The act of exchanging ideas often opens up new ways of thinking as well as innovative paths and opportunities. In other words, for us, the joint creative process is already part of the creative solution.

“Change is a constant process that always starts with oneself. The teams at Finstral and 5W were ready for just that. And the results of our teamwork speak for themselves. Thank you for the trust and the continuity, even in times of crisis. We learned a great deal!”

Jeremias Schmitt, Head of Strategy & Transformation, Fuenfwerken Berlin

Function meets emotion

How can we transform a challenge into communication? By translating content into design and language. In this case, we worked out the company’s key values and defined relevant content, namely beauty, well-being and sustainability. And then we asked ourselves: How can we make it possible for target groups to experience this content in an inspiring and tangible way? Our solution: by combining function with emotion and shedding light on the added value that windows generate in our everyday lives. We decided to move away from pure product presentation and into the everyday life realities of Finstral customers.

Design characteristics

On the one hand, the campaign focuses on the aesthetics and functionality of widows; on the other, it focuses on people and emotions. How do we make an experience out of these two worlds? For the company’s new look & feel, we combined high-end product still lifes with real people. Illuminated window details blend with naturally diffuse lighting, thereby reflecting the deep connections between the two worlds. The result is an innovative design that takes up the previous look and brings it one step further.

“A light playfulness rather than purely product-driven statements. Using a distinct design language and color harmony, we integrated the key traits of beauty, well-being and sustainability into the communication of a product – in this case the window – that is both exceptionally beautiful and an object of our everyday lives. What a wonderful challenge for me as a creative!”

Susana Frau

Susana Frau, Design Director Fuenfwerken, Munich

A nationwide campaign in Italy promoting the Finstral Studio Day was already on the way …



But then everything changed. The Covid-19 virus paralyzed all of Europe. And it became clear that the Studio Day was not going to be able to take place as planned.

“Only one thing was consistent during this phase, namely 5W’s ‘scenario capacity’ and the design that we’d already put into the pipeline. Thanks to the clarity we’d already established with regard to precisely those characteristics Finstral stands for, we were able to respond effectively to the developments associated with the pandemic and immediately institute a series of new measures.”

Rolf Mehnert, CMO Fuenfwerken, Wiesbaden

Rethink. Realign the campaign. Fuenfwerken is an agency with three locations, all of which were involved in this project, and as such, we are already used to working remotely. This approach proved to be very beneficial both to ourselves and Finstral. We were able to work together with our client even during the lockdown; we focused on defining what had to be done and on developing “solution scenarios” for the post-pandemic era.

We had to jump forward, backward and sideways, constantly testing whether the tone of the campaign corresponded to each respective channel and target group, and whether the statements and images used actually embodied the essence of the brand and increased product recognition. In this context, the Finstral Studio Day became a go-to example of just how iterative and agile our work processes are.

When faced with never-seen-before challenges and situations, you definitely find out how well you know your clients. And only those people who have come to understand the core of the brand can react quickly and precisely to benefit the client in a firm and targeted manner.


On the street

In order to effectively publicize Finstral’s unique shopping experience in the age of Covid-19-restrictions, we were obliged to shift the focus of the campaign: today, the emphasis is on exclusive private appointments in the studio and virtual tours that offer consulting services via videochat. Our bilingual marketing (German and Italian) was coordinated perfectly on all channels. It also helped that all of our videos had been planned, shot and edited for flexible use on independent online formats, social media and TV from the outset. The TV ad is currently running throughout Italy on RAI.

“A 360° campaign on the Italian market, which was still unknown to us at the time, multiple partners ranging from media agencies to performance agencies and digital agencies, and all of this under extreme time pressure … this is precisely where the mutual trust we enjoy with our clients is key. And this was clearly noticeable in our case!”

Friederike Seidel, Client Services Director Fuenfwerken, Wiesbaden

Together towards the future

With the Finstral Studio Day, we launched a campaign that sharpens and extends the brand’s design characteristics. The adaptive flexibility of the company’s new look & feel and the updated definition of the most relevant company traits give us the tools we need to move confidently together towards the future.

We work side-by-side with our clients in a process of co-creation. But we also see ourselves as “entrepreneurs working for entrepreneurs.” In this sense, we also helped Finstral generate a higher level of sustainable value.

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