The House Of Happiness – Where Happiness Resides

Dreizeichen Verlag

“The House of Happiness – Where Happiness Resides” is a book about wonderful architecture that touches the human soul.


Irina and Andreas Reich have built a house that has made them happy. „The House of Happiness – Where Happiness resides“ tells the story of a building’s architecture, of the people who built it and those who inhabit it today. The book takes us on a journey, from the universe, to man’s place in nature, to happiness. It looks at architecture and living from a philosophical, poetic and anthropological point of view, showing how to build houses where happiness will take hold.


Following the guiding idea of “Beauty saves the world,” “The House of Happiness” strives for uncompromising esthetics, corresponding to the Reich’s family home. From the outside, it comes across as an understated bible-like publication, reduced to essential basics. Inside, it opens up a lively, vibrant world, with lots of gold, shining colors and premium finishing details. The typography swings back and forth between architectural straightforwardness and playful emotion, resulting in a combination of select materials and a look and feel that simply makes people happy.

“Beauty saves the world”

Project Success

Since 2016 the Reichs have been publishing the book through dreizeichen Verlag, enriching the publisher’s repertoire with a special example of first-class design.

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