Disrupting Identity – a show that resonates


Conquering new

We stirred up the Berlin Gallery Weekend with DISRUPTING IDENTITY – by putting on a culture weekend centered on an art exhibition that also featured a panel discussion and a Jazz-Punk performance. Our event and co-working venue 5pace in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district offered the ideal location. So why did we decide to do all this? Because to us, DISRUPTING IDENTITY is much more than an event.

On becoming
and being

Life is a constant process of becoming, one that does not know “being” as a constant. Artists and scientists are not only particularly aware of this, but this insight is also the driving force behind all of their work.


As a brand and design company, we also inquisitively question identity and support our clients in their becoming. With the show DISRUPTING IDENTITY, we have turned the spotlight on this exciting field of experimentation and sounded out the frontiers of identity.

“Digital information, manipulation, optimization and stigmatization are increasingly influencing the meaning and dimension of physicality and the body.”

Benedikt Hipp

Disruption as benchmark

Altogether eleven international artistic positions were featured in DISRUPTING IDENTITY. They included Tobias Hantmann, Benedikt Hipp, Britta Lumer, Martin Mannig, Christine Moldrickx, Rainer Neumeier, Manfred Peckl, Patricia Reinhart, Helga Schmidhuber, Holger Schmidhuber und Christian Schwarzwald.


The overall impression? Disruptive – which makes them especially poignant. Our panelists Onika Simon, Jonas Almgren, Marek Claaßen and Walter Yu in the panel discussion “Art world 2019: State of disruption (by technology),” moderated by CTO Olaf Kreitz, provided inspiring analyses of the artistic works. A further highlight, and another large dose of disruption, was provided by Jazz-Punk band Die!Landschaft.

“The future of the art world is different. It’s like an investment in a career, it’s an investment in an artist, it’s an investment in the statement you have.”

Panelist Marek Claaßen

“The purpose of design and specifically innovation is either to cater to existing behavior or to create new behavior.”

Panelist Onika Simon

We came to stay

In addition to the organization, we were also responsible for communicating DISRUPTING IDENTITY in various media channels – from the press to social media. The event was announced and communicated in its essence to the growing community on the Instagram page of 5pace Berlin. Feedback on Instagram was highly positive, as was the mood at the event. That’s why our conclusion is clear: DISRUPTING IDENTITY will continue, because nothing is as consistent as change.

I am looking forward to your questions.

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