Galactic VR experience for the European Coatings Show

Clariant International AG


The European Coatings Show is the world’s largest trade fair for coatings, paints and pigments. Every year, all international industry greats present their new products there – using the same conventional B2B trade fair presence. That’s why we went in search of a radical measure that will give visitors to the Clariant booth a truly unforgettable experience.

Idea and Implementation

The route was clear from the beginning: away from information-overloaded showcases and small-scale product samples to a real experience. Our Solution: Using virtual reality, we whisk visitors into a color galaxy, creating their own canvas in the form of the Clariant brand, using a simple, step-by-step guide, and then creating them with virtual tools such as spray cans, magic color balls, and color supernovae could. The mouths of the users were amazed: the immersive experience actually catapulted them from a booth into the endless expanse of the Clariant Universe.

Project Success

The courage of Clariant, on our recommendation, to put the actual products in the background and to provide visitors with a captivating experience using VR technology was rewarded: with a constantly growing crowd of people around the booth, high attention and numerous new customer contacts.

I am looking forward to your questions.

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