Better Banking.
Lead agency for BBBank


BBBank specializes in the specific needs of its public and civil service customers – and it’s been that way for around 100 years! This wealth of experience has shown the cooperative bank that its members’ life worlds are truly colorful and diverse.

“Better Banking” in the service of the customer

In workshops, we established what our core brand values are and, in doing so, gradually evolved the new claim “Better Banking”: the visionary heart of BBBank. Here, cooperative values such as the principle of financial self-help and unconditional customer focus flow into each other across all channels.

Maximum scope for creativity!

The new corporate design had to be just as flexible and in keeping with the digital pulse of the times as BBBank’s customer communications. As part of this drive, a presentation format for the diverse range of services was also called for. Our solution? We have created one visual entity and a degree of recognizability combined with maximum scope for creativity.

Tailor-made and brand-defining

The brand is made highly poignant and legible thanks to the specially developed typography, the reduced form of which makes it suitable for all possible uses in analogue and digital applications.

As colorful as the target group

The broad color spectrum represents the diversity of the customers and employees. The pastel color tones provide a lively contrast with the primary colors of blue and black.

Design elements

BBBank box and eye-catcher – strong branding thanks to striking, simple elements with a high degree of recognizability and flexibility in their use and presentation.

Scope for ideas

BBBank offers its customers space for realization of their ideas in everyday life. This scope is visualized in abstract form in photographs and in the moving image. People, objects, items, animals, etc. can be positioned within it in order to communicate content in a focused way.

On all channels

BBBank offers all the products and services of a modern universal bank that has made the leap into the digital age. The new corporate design reflects this brand diversity and ensures an appropriate setting on all channels.

The brand portal

On the new brand portal, employees and external service providers alike can experience the new BBBank image of itself thanks to a narrative, multimedia presentation of the brand. An extensive digital style guide explains in simple terms essential brand and provides understandable information about the approach to the corporate design as well as easily accessible downloads.


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