be Berlin – Corporate Design for the new Berlin

Berliner Senatskanzlei

Our corporate design for the capital has shaped Berlin’s image to this day – in the neighborhood next door as well as on the international stage


Location marketing is an art in itself. Especially for a city that is as multi-layered, steeped in history, changeable, colorful and sometimes contradictory as the German capital. In 2007, the Berlin State Chancellery commissioned a large-scale image campaign. Under the motto “be Berlin”, the inhabitants of the capital were brought into the limelight with their idiosyncrasies. We asked ourselves: what could a suitable visual language look like?

Idea and Implementation

We developed the corporate design for the capital in transition. The letters “BMF Change” and the red dialogue frame with the arrows for the mutual speech direction symbolize the open, dialogue-ready city and its inhabitants. The new image was used in several phases worldwide: from the public participation platform through local poster campaigns to international events.

The key visual is a dialogue framework that, with its arrow pointing inwards and outwards, stands for an open, dialogue-ready city and its inhabitants.

Project Success

Our keyvisual and the new typeface shape the appearance of Berlin far beyond the campaign – often in the form of viral acquisitions. Granted, these adaptations are not always CD-compliant. But their distribution proves that the corporate design works. With an image measurement TNS Infratest showed that the perception of the city since 2007 has been significantly improved – both as a business location and with regard to the quality of life on site.

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