From the Largest Trade Fair Food Service Company in Germany
to a Brand

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH is Germany’s largest trade fair food service company. Fuenfwerken was commissioned to design a brand that would capture the company’s attitude to food and drink and meeting people. The main challenge here was to achieve a balance between the autonomy of the brand and its affiliation to Messe Frankfurt.

The wordmark developed on the basis of the secondary font represents an exciting mixture – with the fat letters suggesting a down-to-earth quality and the more slimline ones representing elegance and enjoyment of food and drink; the same is true of the serif font. The progression builds up dynamically to create the kind of momentum which positions the brand independently within the Messe cosmos.

The first step was to work out how to find enough scope within Messe Frankfurt’s corporate design and to interpret this creatively. We shifted the balance on Messe Frankfurt’s existing corporate fonts which opened up opportunities in the kind of display situations that are particular to the Accente brand.

Overall, what we came up with here was a visual identity that corresponds meaningfully with Messe Frankfurt’s corporate design, whilst still clearly emphasizing the personality of the Accente brand, its passion for food and drink, for good food of the highest quality.

The full effect of the new CD is something that can not only be experienced over the full range of analogue and digital media, it even culminates in the brand’s own product line. In collaboration with special manufacturers Accente is now offering quality products – from wine to fine oil – that are highlighted by the branding.

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