5 FACTS about us

_one of the largest owner-managed design agencies in Germany
_25 years of consulting and design experience
_three locations: Wiesbaden, Berlin and Munich
_over 150 national and international awards
_Fuenfwerken – because we started as five

Who makes us special

50 employees.
We are creative problem-solvers and create the new.

We are designers and entrepreneurs:
_Strategists, consultants and visionaries
_Moderators, coaches and mentors
_Graphic Designer, UI Designer and Developer
_Directors, CX/UX concept and copywriters
_Product Owner, Scrum Master and Client Service Manager

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With whom we create

We work with B2C and B2B companies in a variety of sectors and have experience in a wide range of industries. Independent of the context we work with first and foremost with people.


Think the new and make it real – what we do

As a creative agency, we believe in excellence and beauty in visual, social and behavioural design. Together with our project partners we enable creative transformation. Creative transformation for us is about imagining the possible, developing scenarios and putting them into practice. This can range from a new corporate design to a new product, service or business model. In these 5 areas we shape the future with our clients:

_Finding Purpose
_Entrepreneurial Mindset
_Developing Businesses and Strategy
_Clarifying Identity
_Creating Experiences

We always consider the big picture and pay attention to detail. We have never been full service, but we have always been full thinking. We have the tools to shape the future with our clients. We analyse and understand markets, trends, competitors, technologies and value creation models.

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5 designerly WAYZ to design meaningful futures

This is how we turn our project partners into designers!

We understand them in order to gain mutual clarity.
We gain clarity in order to imagine the new with them.
We imagine the new in order to put it into practice.
We put it into practice so that they can work with it.
They work with it themselves and become the designers of their future.

Our process:
What you will get –

The focus of our actions is always on the imagination of the future with the aim of transforming scenarios into feasible solutions. We always strive to enable our project partners to become active themselves and to accompany them as sparring partners in the implementation of strategies.

It’s a great feeling to feel understood. 
We do everything in our hands to understand our project partners and their customers. 
And we are often the first to do so. It is always worth it. Because collaborative creation means understanding each other.


It is the ability to interpret information that makes you see clearly. We facilitate moments of insight. Together with our project partners, their target audience and the right tools. Because only wrestling with complexity creates clarity and the freedom to create.

It is the insight that awakens the possibilities. 
Together with our project partners and their customers we open up new fields of opportunites. Unexpected, surprising, but always tangible. 
Because it is only when we search for it that we discover what we can create.


It is the will to create that drives people. 
We give our project partners the freedom to create what they believe in. The freedom to create business, create brands and create experiences. To awaken inspiration, permeated by destiny.

It is action that leads to solutions. We create the conditions for our customers to create value. By helping them to take action themselves and by supporting them wherever we can.

…and repeat.
Although we grew up with Waterfall our heart beats for iterative and agile processes.
So it’s all about rinse and repeat.


and wherever you are

Working with us turns people into DESIGNERS!

We put you in a position to take action when new ideas and complex challenges arise, but above all when it comes to developing potential.

Christian Kahl, Creative Director

Reduce to the MAX

Brands must always be recognized and at the same time rediscovered again and again. Brand management therefore has the great challenge to restructure the structures and learned behaviors in dealing with brands on the agency and company side. Christian Kahl has exactly the skills to do this and thus takes us out of the comfort zone every day.

What makes us different is what makes us/strong>

We have been designing with passion for 25 years now. Our team, our project partners and our own initiatives are what drive us. For us, partnerships do not begin with projects, but with a shared commitment to shaping society.

UX - more than just Design

We feel obliged to the people – that is why we get involved when it comes to bringing this attitude into the world. As a partner of the International Design Center in Berlin, we contribute to the global competition of the UX Design Awards as a jury member. Together with international guests we set new standards.

Designing Transformations in iteration

In a world where the only constant is change, design has the power to break up linear thought patterns. This is exactly what we do in collaboration with our project partners.

Jeremias Schmitt is our Head of Strategy and Transformation and creates the conditions for radical collaboration through psychological security, creativity and critical thinking.