Working with us turns people into Designers!

More than 50 designers, strategists, coaches, moderators, futurists, and even lateral thinkers equipped with future-ready skills are ready to support you in: communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking.

We enable you to take action when there are new ideas and complex challenges ahead, but above all when the development of potential is called for.

What makes us different is what makes us

We have been designing with passion for 25 years by now. Our team, our project partners and our own initiatives motivate us to excel everyday. For us, partnerships do not begin with projects, but with a shared commitment in shaping society.

UX - more than just design

We feel obliged to people – therefore we are committed beyond that and are actively involved in bringing this drive into the world. As a partner of the International Design Center in Berlin, we contribute as a jury member to the global competition of the UX Design Awards. Together with international jury members we set new standards.

Designing transformations in iteration

In a world where the only constant is change, design has the power to break up linear thought patterns. This is exactly what we do in cooperation with our project partners.

Jeremias Schmitt is Head of Strategy and Transformation and creates the preconditions for radical collaboration through psychological safety, creativity and critical thinking.

Christian Kahl, Creative Director

Reduce to the MAX

Brands must always be recognized and at the same time rediscovered again and again.
Brand management therefore has the great challenge to restructure the structures and learned behaviors in dealing with brands on agency and company sites.
Christian Kahl brings exactly these competences to the and takes us out of our comfort zone day by day.