Vineyard J. Trautwein – With love for nature and native soil

12. November 2020

Johannes Trautwein comes from a winemaking family that produces on a large scale for the retail food sector. Mr. Trautwein himself, however, has also established his own individual winemaking credentials at a number of Rhine-Hessian locations, including well-known sites such as the Westhofener Morstein. As a winemaker and hunter, the preservation of the ecosystem is particularly important to him, and we captured this spirit by using images of partridges and pheasants, both of which are on the endangered list. Trautwein’s homeland is also very close to his heart. We reflected this love of nature and native soil in our new corporate design for the J. Trautwein brand on everything from the website to the packaging design. Indeed, wine always tastes best “where the heart is at home” …