Tramontina – Rethinking traditions

01. November 2019

Gauchos who raise cattle on the South American prairies and grill skewers of meat over an open fire (“churrasco”) still shape Brazil’s culinary culture today. It was this centuries-old tradition that gave rise to Tramontina, the Brazilian workshop for knives and barbecue accessories.

Our brief to develop new visual representation for Tramontina in pictorial and video form for the European region was the start of a thrilling journey. Our aim was clear: Move away from the Brazilian cliché and its endlessly recurring aesthetic without losing sight of the cultural origins of the brand.

Since this challenge couldn’t be resolved merely by sitting at a desk, we boarded a plane to Brazil, visited a few bona fide gauchos, tasted rustic churrasco and soaked up the atmosphere. After all the impressions we were able to gather in situ came a universal transposition of the brand identity for the European market – a time-consuming and bold step, which more than paid off.

After all, the new pictorial and film language we generated will be used not only in the European market in future, but also internationally. We are delighted about this success, which shows that it is always worth thinking laterally and looking beyond the obvious solutions.