Tax & Law Special German federal elections

17. October 2017

Germany has voted – now begins the coalition negotiations and thus the economic policy course for the 19th legislative period. Since the last major corporate tax reform in 2008, according to EY, Germany is gradually falling behind in the tax competition. According to Germany’s largest tax consulting firm, it is the task of the new coalition to reverse this negative trend and to contribute to strengthening Germany as a location through clever tax policy.

In the current special of the customer magazine Tax & Law, EY therefore takes a clear stand and publishes a ten-point program for a sustainable tax policy in the 24-page publication. If you want to know which positions the Scientific Advisory Board recommends taxes from EY for the new legislative period from 2017, you will find a PDF of our special issue here:$FILE/ey-tlm-2017-special-nach-der-wahl.pdf