Rolf Mehnert appointed Board Member and Co-spokesperson of the German Designers Club (DDC)

03. May 2021

Rolf Mehnert, Managing Partner and Chief Design Officer at Fuenfwerken Design AG, is looking forward to his new role as Board Member and Co-spokesperson for the Frankfurt-based German Designers Club (Deutscher Designer Club, DDC). Mehnert wants to create a space in which to explore more deeply the role played by design as a mindset and as a process that can shape our collective future. In his leadership position alongside co-spokesperson Bettina Knoth, and together with his fellow members Claudia S. Friedrich, Ilka Eiche, Felix Kosok, Robin Auer and Simon Daubermann, Mehnert is committed to making sure that design is used sustainably and to its full potential as a means to tackle social challenges moving forward. Yet another priority is to ensure that the DDC continues to work in cooperation with business and industry as a partner, trendsetter and provider of inspiring ideas for shaping society.