Prof. Carl Frech Chairs Design Discourse About Crowdsourcing at IDZ

25. April 2017

On Thursday, April 27, our colleague and 5W board member Prof. Carl Frech will present the first part of the new design discourse series “The future of work,” focusing on the digitization in the creative workplace.

“In the first part we will look at the implications of networking and platform economies: How does crowdsourcing impact the design profession? What opportunities will it bring for companies and designers? How do the various platforms differ? Do they foster independent work among creatives, or do they, in fact, lead to precarious employment situations? The panel will discuss how individual designers will be able to profit from these changes, and how labor and social security principles may be carried over to the new, flexible world of cloud-working.” (Source:

The panelists will be: Dr. Florian Alexander Schmidt, designer, scientist and author of „Crowd-Design – From Tools for Empowerment to Platform Capitalism“, Ines Zimzinski, Head of the German Crowdsourcing Association, Frank Eimer, Head of Business Development of marketing agency Catalyx, and Prof. Axel Kolaschnik, professor for design and branding strategies at the school of design at Mannheim university.

Internationales Design Zentrum Berlin
Am Park 4
10785 Berlin

Illustration Titelbild
Delphine Dubuisson