Packaging Design für den besten Weinbrand Deutschlands

13. June 2017

According to Gault & Millau 2015, winery Prinz von Hessen’s “XO Weinbrand” is „Germany’s best brandy.” After maturing for more than 25 years in a wooden barrel it has a smooth, soft finish featuring nuances of oak wood, walnut and caramel that will delight even the most discerning wine critic.

Visually, the packaging design follows the example of Prinz von Hessen’s Riesling, another case study of highly successful branding. Here, again, the label breaks with the trend towards “less is more.” Rather, it emphasizes the exceptional quality of the product, lending the heritage brand a modern, contemporary look. Apart from giving the family’s coat of arms a modern makeover – a stylized Hessian lion, together with a striking excise stamp in red and white –, the label evokes the idea of a playing card, using as its motive an oil painting of Prince Friedrich Karl of Hesse (1892) by Hans Thoma (1839 – 1924). With its precise tracing and factual depiction, the painting exudes a contemporary look, blending seamlessly with the modern design. Hence, bottle, label and excise stamp taken together offer a suitable look for the exquisite contents of the product.

After having tasted the brandy ourselves we can vouch for its exceptional quality. But do not simply take our word for it – try it yourself: