Happy 13 for 5W

20. September 2019

In times of digital change, a stable brand and a solid strategy are more valuable than ever. This is also demonstrated by this year’s “Corporate Design und Identity” ranking by creative magazine PAGE, which lists the top 20 among the highest-grossing CD/CI consultancies and agencies in Germany.

More than 158 million Euros in fees is the combined income of the top 20 businesses working in the area of corporate design and corporate identity – a significant plus of ten percent compared to the last PAGE ranking. The constantly rising level means it is getting increasingly more difficult for CD/CI consultancies and agencies to secure a place in the coveted PAGE ranking.

We are therefore all the more delighted that Fuenfwerken is not only represented in the top 20 once again but has indeed moved up one place: from 14 to a happy 13. We see this success as fantastic confirmation of our competence in guiding brands through turbulent change processes to a secure future. And that’s something we’ve been doing since day one.

After all, “We are always ‘in transformation’, since digitization is only speeding up,” as Holger Schmidhuber, CEO and co-founder of 5W, explains. “As an approach, design helps brands to remain capable of managing complexity and technology and of creating values for the future. It’s a challenge, but for creatives this is part of their mindset, of their profession.”