New Horizont and Page Rankings Put 5W In Top 15

04. September 2017

Once again we were able to hold our own in industry rankings of Germany’s most successful creative agencies. Rankings by HORIZONT and PAGE even put us in 12th place among CD agencies based on sales!
The yearly ranking of trade magazines PAGE and HORIZONT for the most successful CD/CI agencies in Germany attract attention industry-wide. Current data shows that there is an overall uptick in the design industry. It also indicates, however, that there is a trend towards more collaboration through partnerships and networks.
These are trends that we can attest to from our own experience: Based on a clear understanding of our own strengths and core competencies we have been able to maintaining good working relationships with external colleagues for quite some time now – all with the sole goal of helping our clients and their projects succeed. With sales up by 13 percent, compared to last year’s numbers, we were able to maintain our position in the PAGE ranking and to even move one spot higher in the HORIZONT ranking.