From Bauhaus to 5WAYZ

23. August 2019

The Bauhaus school of ideas can already look back over a period of 100 years. Does this mean that it is an old school? No, the Bauhaus is also a future lab, as is demonstrated by a series of lectures, “Bauhaus 4.0 — Zukunft wird aus Design gemacht” (Bauhaus 4.0 – using design to shape the future) which will be taking place in Berlin on September 17, 2019. After all, in these days of digitization, artificial intelligence, robotics and blockchains, the latter college of design’s mission is more relevant than ever before – not merely reacting to developments in society but actively participating in shaping them.

In order to achieve this, what is needed on the part of the actors in the fields of politics, education, justice and business is creative innovations, together with a good shot of courage in their convictions. Designers and architects consequently play a key role here, since their work makes this world of major transformations more accessible, allows for identification with it and, at the end of the day, creates trust. Can Bauhaus 4.0 portray the location of the future in which exactly this succeeds?

This will be discussed by speakers such as Uli Mayer-Johanssen (long-standing CEO of Meta-Design), Prof. Uli Weinberg, HPI School of Design Thinking, Lutz Engelke (founder and CEO of TRIAD Berlin) and Ralph Habich (Vice President of Designtag and CI consultant). Helmut Ness, a board member at Fuenfwerken AG and cofounder of its subsidiary 5Wx new ventures GmbH, will be appearing as special guest.

Over the last two years Ness has been a regular guest in Silicon Valley and at Stanford University’s HPI, learning about this digital transformation and discovering and testing spheres of activity. The “5WAYZ” framework developed by Fuenfwerken makes tangible solutions which have been operationalized by Fuenfwerken Design AG, 5WX, and 5W motion in the form of strategic support.

Bauhaus 4.0 — Zukunft wird aus Design gemacht
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Tabbertstrasee 18
12459 Berlin
The evening is hosted by AGD – Allianz deutscher Designer.