Feinwerk: A Marketplace For Real Things

05. January 2017

This year, between October 6 and 8, 2017, the Hessische Hausstiftung will host its first ever “Real Things Fair” at Schloss Fasanerie in Eichzell near Fulda, called „Feinwerk.“ Feinwerk offers craft workshops, craftsmen and designers a platform for offering their handcrafted goods – made with true love and dedication.

We were tasked with creating a visual identity for this event, including centralized media, e.g., a workbook and a website. Using as the key visual Schloss Fasanerie’s mascot was an obvious choice. Our illustration is both modern and urban, featuring a pheasant in front of an eye-catching neon background. With regards to the typography, we opted for Futura and Chap, i.e., for typefaces that represent the brand’s key values: elegance, individuality, functionality, personality, and a dash of zeitgeist.

If you appreciate modern design, high-quality crafts and culinary delicacies, make sure to mark your calendar for the first weekend in October.

Please visit for more information, including an event schedule and a list of exhibiting companies.