Farewell brand police, hello brand management

23. September 2019

These days it’s impossible to manage a brand without flexibility. The growing number of digital communication channels alone, such as social platforms, is continually posing new challenges for brands. As the article “Happy go lucky” in the current edition of creative magazine PAGE fleshes out, a rigid CD manual is therefore no longer advantageous for a company’s employees.

“Corporate identity and corporate design are only worthwhile when they are also put into practice,” says Rolf Mehnert, CEO of Fuenfwerken Design AG, agreeing with the PAGE article and deriving one clear task from it: “We have to ensure that what we design also makes it to the street.” This is achieved when employees retain access to visual elements that they are able to use freely and dynamically. Instead of setting out strict rules in the manner of “brand police”, the designers and brand experts at Fuenfwerken act as partnership-based brand managers, who highlight possibilities.

In order for employees to be able to utilize this scope for action for the purposes of the brand too, everybody must be brought on board – ideally as early and effectively as possible. Ultimately, it’s not just about a launch or a relaunch on the design level, but rather about changes that affect the entire corporate identity.

To this end, we developed a web-based brand portal for our client BBBank, which provides a digital style guide, clear information on dealing with corporate design, and easily accessible downloads, among other things. “The application is intuitive and even employees who don’t use it very often can get to grips with it instinctively,” explains Rolf Mehnert. Thus, for the first time we have trialed a concept that can be tailored to each and every customer and shored up by workshops on internal implementation.