Design as a user-focused methodology

01. March 2019

There’s still a little while to go, but the joy is already very much to be felt: Helmut Ness, Chief Design Officer at Fuenfwerken, has been invited to speak as the “Special Guest” at the Deutscher Designtag in Berlin on Sept. 17, 2019. The evening is being hosted by Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD).

Along with many inspiring colleagues from the sector, such as Uli Mayer-Johanssen (long-standing Managing Director at Meta-Design), Lutz Engelke (founder and partner in TRIAD Berlin) and Ralph Habich (Vice President of Deutscher Designtag) Helmut Ness will be discussing a topic that has become highly topical again: Design as strategy and method. The title of the evening is “Bauhaus 4.0 meets Design Thinking & User-Centered Design: Holistic, interdisciplinary, iterative, based on empathy”, which itself indicates how the topic will be examined from very many angles in the course of the evening.

In short, the Deutscher Designtag is setting out to explore what design has to achieve today with a view to consumers. Helmut Ness has closely concerned himself with precisely this question from the word go. His personal interest is in the experiences that can be designed in interpersonal interaction by people for people with people — and not only kindle enthusiasm but also foster meaning.

Picture Credits: UX Design Awards, Hannes Hänska