“Brand Design”: the New Standard Work on Brand Management, Feat. 5W

23. November 2017

With “Brand Design. Strategien für die digitale Welt” (“Brand Design. Strategies for the Digital World”) Prof. Dr. Andreas Baetzgen has now issued the long-expected volume 4 of his textbook series, so far consisting of vol. 1 – 3, “Brand Planning, “Brand Content” and “Brand Experience”.

The series is widely regarded as standard reference on state-of-the-art brand management. We are thus all the more glad to have contributed to this formative publication. In the section “Sein und Schein der Marke: mit Groove und Haltung zu mehr Authentizität“ (“Brand appearance and reality: more authenticity through groove and attitude”), our Managing Partners Holger Schmidhuber, Rolf Mehnert and Helmut Ness describe how contemporary and purposeful brand development is done in the 21st century, and why the brand has developed, from being a mere visual badge, into a strategic leadership tool that requires a holistic and interconnected management.

For this publication of 400 pages, editor Prof. Dr. Andreas Baetzgen has drummed up the leading minds of the German branding community. With other articles by colleagues from agencies such as MetaDesign, Strichpunkt Design, Peter Schmidt Group and Jung von Matt/BRAND IDENTITY, it forms an excellent compendium on the most recent developments in brand design.

Of course we recommend it as a must-read for anybody whose active vocabulary includes the term ‘brand’.

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