2 x Silver at the Annual Multimedia Award

15. October 2018

The term man-machine-interaction primarily crops up in controversial discussions on the advancing technologization of our world. That said, human emotion and functional technology need not be mutually exclusive and instead, by acting together, they can give rise to an entirely new world for us to experience.

Two of our projects also attest to this, and both were awarded the Annual Multimedia Award – albeit in entirely different categories. The “Do more – John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles Campaign” convinced the jury in the Content Marketing segment. In keeping with the new brand strategy we developed for John Deere, which places the focus on users instead of products, we avoided showcasing rational proof of the machines’ superlative abilities. Instead, multimedia-based storytelling forms the heart of the campaign. A micro site was specially produced for the purpose of allowing real people to tell their stories and enabling the viewer to experience the narratives of their working world.

The second award-winning project is the installation “Hotspot E-Car” for specialty chemicals group Clariant at Chinaplas Shangai, the largest specialist trade fair for surfaces and materials in Asia. Here, again, we decided to depart from the obvious path of presenting purely analog display objects. This gave rise to a smart AR application as the main attraction, through which visitors to the fair were able to explore a futuristic looking e-car setup. As soon as they approached a “hotspot,” the app showed the specific details of individual Clariant products integrated into the car.

While the two campaigns are formally quite different, and indeed fall into different categories, they both arose out of the same impulse, which ultimately made them so successful: The goal was to present the brands and their products in a way consistent with the current zeitgeist – using technologically advanced approaches without losing sight of the real needs people have.