#africaneuropeandesignsprint – 10 Days at the Nairobi Design Institute

21. January 2019

In early September, 2018, Rolf Mehnert (5W), Gunnar Krüger and Nairobi Design Institute’s Tosh Juma hosted a 10-day workshop in the East African metropolis about “Mobility in Nairobi.”

The workshop focused on the question how German car manufacturers would be able to meet the complex mobility needs of people living in cities such as Nairobi. It also offered intriguing insights into commonalities – and differences – in approaching design from an African and a European perspective: Design Thinking made in Africa and in Europe!

Furthermore, the week-long workshop was also meant as a kick-off to offer potential NDI students an overview of the changing role of design in a digital world. This talk will present the results and offer an overview of Nairobi’s emerging design scene.