A Strong Umbrella Brand for the Hessian House Foundation

24. May 2019

The House of Hessen, with 800 years of family tradition is one of Europe’s most important princely houses. With a similar tradition of longevity, the the Hessian House Foundation (Hessische Hausstiftung) with its broad tourist and gastronomic portfolio, also keeps its pulse on the times.

This combination of history and modernity will be reflected in the joint umbrella brand “Prinz von Hessen”, by Fuenfwerken AG. Fuenfwerken has developed a succinct corporate identity, of high recognition value. In the center is the Hessen lion (Hessenlöwen) in the classic red and white colors, which has always adorned the House of Hesse coat of arms.

A seal in red and white coloring was created as the base of the design and utilized on all communication channels including analog and offline. The stripes, created in the same style of the Hessenlöwen, act as a brand-building element, representing the corporate brand without the logo needing to be depicted.

More information can be found on the new brand appearance of the Hessian House Foundation