5W Board Member Rolf Mehnert at the Monotype Brand Day

08. April 2019

In September 2018, Rolf Mehnert along with Gunnar Krüger and the Nairobi Design Institute (NDI) initiated an exciting 10-day Design Sprint that focused on the issue of what highly promising opportunities a German carmaker would enjoy on entering the Kenyan market – based on the real needs of people who live in the capital, Nairobi.

Rolf Mehnert presented the extraordinary project at the Monotype Brand Day in Stuttgart. The challenge of the lecture was to open a door on the African continent – which continues to be perceived in light of so many prejudices. After the lectures on brand strategy, which tended to center on visuals, Rolf Mehnert thus contributed a kind of counterpart to the event.

The approaches developed in the course of the African-European Design Sprint made it clear what great potential a purpose-oriented process offers and what insights one can in turn gain for otherwise saturated markets. The lecture also featured videos by Tosh Juma, the founder of NDI and one of the most influential creative leads in East Africa.

Rolf Mehnert succeeded in giving a good idea of the level which design is playing as a theme in Kenya and the resulting opportunities as regards mastering the future. The feedback was accordingly positive: The participants at the event praised the lecture for offer a welcome change at the Brandday.