5W at the PAGE Transformation Week

23. April 2021

Our three-part sprint framework revolves entirely around the theme of “Leadership by Design,” which is why we felt right at home at the PAGE Transformation Week in late April 2021. With the help of a well-defined design process, our participants learned how to lead interdisciplinary teams towards achieving genuine co-creation. In this context, design acts as a facilitator and accompanist in pursuit of the ultimate goal of enabling OTHERS to shape and transform their own company or organization. 5W‘s Head of Transformation and Strategy Jeremias Schmitt co-chaired the sessions together with 5W Board Member Helmut Ness and summed up the event with the following: “One of the most exciting things about our new format is the extent to which it places the focus on individuals and thus on specific personalities. Each individual participant was able to experience an extra added value relating to their position and background. In other words, the format actually allows us to contribute to the personal growth and development of each of our participants. It’s simply a great feeling!”