We are an 21-year old independent agency offering business design solutions and communications services to customers for ensuring their long-term relevance and sustainable growth.

Our 5W-Mix focusses on people-centric, solutions-oriented business design. We work out of offices in Wiesbaden and Berlin.

How we do it?

Business Design is a customised set of creative solutions that enables companies unleash new market potential, and create new products and services, whilst adding value to internal and external customer relationships.

The 5W Mix is…

a "mix" of strategy, design, technology und management infused with empathy. The direct benefit is increased customer value. The 5W mix comes to life in people, products, design, interactivity, and experience.

About us

Whose business do we help to optimise?

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According to Horizont and Page, two of the most influential advertising journals in Germany, Fuenfwerken comes in 12th among German Corporate Design Agencies regarding revenue.

This is us.
In Wiesbaden and Berlin.