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For us, brand design is a tool for strategic corporate management: In the context of digital transformation, brands have evolved into a driving force for all business fields, including development of new products and services. However, in order to release this energy into a digital world, brands must above all show a credible attitude.

The actual process is described by our managing directors Holger Schmidhuber, Rolf Mehnert and Helmut Ness in „Sein und Schein der Marke: mit Groove und Haltung zu mehr Authentizität“. The article was published in “Brand Design: Strategien für die digitale Welt“,  the fourth volume in a series of specialist books that is now regarded as the standard work of modern brand management.

“The brand has evolved from a visual symbol to a universal strategic management tool.”

It’s all about attitude

We are convinced that brand development requires an in-depth and holistic, as well as to some extent creative examination of organizational cultures, business models, products and services. A brand’s energy must originate from the inside in order to transpose it credibly to the outside world.

5W Brand Design

“A brand must be rooted in all areas of a company in order to mobilize emotional forces and create a holistic and authentic external image.”

User Centered:
Brands must be relevant

We put people and their actual needs at the heart of brand design to create relevant and credible brands: With digitalisation, the focus of the brand has shifted from self-portrayal to the user experience

“The co-creation involving all relevant stakeholders may well have more significance in the future than the collection of user data for the sake of feeding algorithms”

Brands must be build interdisciplinary

We are designers, analysts, developers, strategists, consultants and moderators. We network a wide range of stakeholders and competencies under the guiding principle of co-creation – for instance in our 5pace. An increasing success factor in the rapidly advancing 21st century, since new technologies make brand work more exciting, but also more complex than ever before.

5W Brand Design: Best Practice

Gold Case
The Weber success story

Together with the committed Central Europe department of Weber-Stephen, we have proven what a holistic, networked and collaborative re-branding process can achieve: The branding process, which lasted for several years, led to a quadrupling of the supported brand awareness between 2010 and 2015, peaking at 82 percent. Regarding unprotected brand awareness, a fivefold increase took place during the same period. The German Brand Award 2016 in gold was well-deserved.

More about the Weber Gold Case

Want to learn more? Brand Design – Strategies for the Digital World

At the end of 2017,”Brand Design” was the fourth volume of the specialist book series “Brand”, published by Prof. Dr. Andreas Baetzgen, which is now regarded as the standard work of modern brand management. In the article “Being and appearances of the brand: with groove and attitude to more authenticity”, our managing directors Holger Schmidhuber, Rolf Mehnert and Helmut Ness show why brand today has to be more than just corporate design. And of course they tell us how we at Fuenfwerken have been successfully thinking and making brands for many years.


Worth reading: „Brand Design – Strategien für die Digitale Welt“

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